Friday, July 21, 2006

to catch a bearcat

Before I even say anything I have to admit that I am literally sitting in a parking lot because the wireless signal
is better out here than it is in the dorms. And no, not in a van or anything like that... I am sitting on the curb.
Nothing says, "Welcome to Bolivar, MO" like that. Seriously, after spending a weekend in central Missouri it is
no surprise that Lewis and Clark kept heading west. And when you ask locals what there is to do in Bolivar,
and they answer "drive to Springfield", you know you are in for a treat.

Yet all the minor frustrations aside, I truly love Bolivar, MO. True, there isn't a beach, or a mountain range, or a
cue ball for the pool table in our dorm but it is still a beautiful place. Not because of any of the landmarks but
because of the history. You see, this is where I attended conference when I was in high school. And though
they look like ordinary dorms, I had some of the most important conversations in my life in those halls. And
though I've been in better auditoriums, I experienced God in new ways when I was 15 years old. And yeah, the
food in the cafeteria is only decent but I met my future wife for the first time over a basket of fries in the summer
of 1997. Tomorrow I will venture over to Boulevard Christian's youth group time spot (same place in the
Casebolt Music Hall since the early 90's) and I will probably have to take off my shoes.

So I have grown tired of people talking about location, location, location. Because Bolivar, MO is proof that it is
not about where you go, but what you do once you get there.


Katie said...

Hey. I happened upon this site in total randomness. But I went to CIY in Bolivar twice (2001 and 2005), so it was cool to read this. Connection to a stranger... yes. That's all.

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