Tuesday, August 15, 2006

extra! extra!

As soon as you are done checking your email, putting pictures on your MySpace, or buying a mail order bride you need to turn off your computer and head down to your local Barnes and Noble. If you don't have a Barnes and Noble you will be forced to look through the stacks of books at an establishment like the ironically named "Books A Million", which has rows and rows of Cocker-spaniel and Beefy Firemen calendars but never the book I need. Anyway, grab a tall drink of your choice and head to the back of the store. When you get to the magazine rack do two things for me:

1. Set fire to any magazine with a headline about Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn or TomKat or anyone who is famous because her daddy owns a hotel chain.
2. Find the September issue of "Outside". I stole a copy off of Jennifer's desk this afternoon, so don't tell.

I'm not asking you to buy it but I do want you to flip to pages 102-103. Look at the picture without saying anything for 2 minutes and then put it back on the shelf. Without drawing attention to yourself, quietly leave the store. Come back to your computer, log on to the musing carnival, and tell us about your experience. I am sorry for the homework assignment but school is back in session.


Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the picture with the whale? Did I have the right edition of the magazine?
If so... un-freakin-believeable!
That is sicking amazing!
How incredible would it be to experience that!
I'm trying not to say to much in hope that others go see, in fact the mention of the whale might be too much.
All I can say is...you're right, definitely worth the extra moments of my day.
I didn't visit a book store, rather I went to my local library...hope that ok.

md neely said...

screw this, i wanna know if you got the dreadlocks i asked for!