Wednesday, June 27, 2007

rocky mountain high

Oh what a terrible blogger I have become. It has been a few weeks since I have updated and I am burdened with guilt. I guess I have a good excuse, for I have been in Colorado for the past 10 days. Even still, I apologize. I mean, what else is there to do on the internet except check out the ol' carnival?

Anyway, we have had a good two weeks here in Durango . The crowd has been very energetic this week. They will yell for just about anything. Yet they are still no match for a guy named Brent from last week. Brent spend most of the week dressed as a ninja, even during the evening sessions. How often do you see a ninja go forward during decision time?

I went fly fishing for the first time last Sunday and really enjoyed it. Nate's dad was nice enough to let me borrow his reel. He went fishing Saturday and did not catch anything. I went fishing Sunday and caught three fish. I guess in this case, it is the swordsman and not the sword.

Okay, okay, back to business. The groups here this week have been a lot of fun. There are a lot of groups from Texas which produces a lot of nasty orange Longhorn shirts. All of that aside, things are well. I host the Alternative in about 30 minutes. I'm sure we are all in for a few more surprises.


Jacob Epperson said...

You kicking the 'stand-up comedian' off the stage last year for knocking Oklahoma (and maybe for a few more reasons) during the Alternative...still a good memory of an uncomfortable moment. Glad I had no part of it.

michael defazio said...

Hey bro,

I went to a Police concert (the reunion tour) at Dodger Stadium a couple weeks ago and I felt very much like I was at CIY. Yes, that's right. Matt Bayless and Gordon Sumner may have more in common than one might think. In this case, they inspire similar styles of personal worship. I was sitting behind a kid who looked high school age and was in full-blown worship - CIY-style. Incidentally, from behind he looked EXACTLY like Jay Greer - stonewashed blue jeams, olive green t-shirt, and dirty blonde hair too long to be called short and too short to be called shaggy. But back to the CIY dance: he had his head bowed, one hand in the air and the other over his heart. And best of all, he had the white-boy butt-bounce dance going on. You know what I mean. When a kid has just enough rhythm to gently bounce his tail up and down while slowly swaying side-to-side (in a manner only tangentially related to the beat of the song). It was beautiful. And of course, a little disturbing. And for better or worse, it made me think of you (and of course Jay, but for different reasons - in neither case was his actual dancing a factor).

Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

all i've got to say is the ninja kids were tight! and CO1 alternative with the star wars sound effects was definately amazing!

Brent Wrenn said...

Hi I've benn here alot so I well add a comment. co1 ciy was the best my first time and I hope not my last.