Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stay Classy San Diego (part 2)

Okay, I know you have been waiting for an update on our San Diego trip. Obviously, nothing could be better while you sit in your office than to see what I am doing during a perfect 73 degree day in Southern California. We spent Tuesday getting slapped around by the waves at Mission Beach. I attempted surfing for the first time, and though the pictures don't do it justice, I did get up somewhat consistently. Torrie and I both got a little too much sun that afternoon.

Torrie and I had dinner Tuesday night in downtown San Diego at a place called Bertrand at Mr. A's . This restaurant is 12 stories above the city and has the best view of the San Diego skyline. To prove it, the pictures below are taken from our table. It is so close to the airport that planes were landing just over my shoulder the entire evening. If you are ever in San Diego, this is a must.

Just in case you were wondering, the San Diego Zoo lives up to all of the hype. We spent Wednesday roaming around this huge complex which sits right in the middle of the Balboa Park. You really get the sense that the Zoo cares for the animals and that they are not just trying to put on a 3-ring show. They are doing great work at getting animals off of the endangered species list. Oh yeah, we also got to see a couple of polar bears fight. That was pretty cool.

We have to get on a plane tomorrow and fly back to Tulsa, OK. I saw on the news this morning that it is 101 degrees there. Enough said.


md neely said...

enjoy every waking moment you have away from this wretched heat.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes we have done nothing except await your update! It is much too hot for anything else...the heat index it around 105 degress, but the golfers are still moving around the course. This year beats the record for the hottest PGA, which the previous record was a few years ago...and yes it was here in Tulsa. Someone said Tiger looked like he had just jumped out of a pool. He only wishes!
San Diego does look wonderful! Who is the 'beach bum' in the blue?
The two bears look a little like Ginger and Atticus duking it out.
The picture of the two of you would look good in your frame.
I know you hate to return, but it is time for all to get back to work.
See you at 10:46 back in the real world!

michael defazio said...

Nice pics, bro. Glad you could enjoy Cali. I'm going to be in Joplin in a few weeks, so we should get together. Peace out.