Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Revolutions

Alright. So it is a new year and I feel like I should say something profound. But here is the truth: I’ve got nothing for you. Every year I also feel like I should write out some resolutions. Commitments that I intend to keep but will give up on in mid-February. I typically don’t partake in these practices but have decided to make ’08 great. I have also decided to rhyme whenever possible. So, for your inspection, let me throw a few your direction.

In 2008 I will…

Save the whales.
Save the rainforests.
Save my receipts.
Save money.
Finally sit down and read the Harry Potter series and consequently read more literature about gay wizards.
Run the half-marathon in Oklahoma City in under two hours.
Eat less red meat.
Drink more red wine.
Try to figure out women, starting with my wife. I’ll get to the rest of you in 2009.
Take risks.
Improve my golf game, especially the driving part. And the putting part. And the part in the middle.
Put a new roof on my house.
Figure out a way to go to the OU-Texas game in October. Do you have tickets?
Attempt to not get sunburned at Move in Florida this year.
Restore a classic 1996 Nissan Altima.
Learn to clean a fish.
Learn to play the guitar.
Find a guitar that smells like fish in a small Mexican village and then play it.
Take my wife to that restaurant she has always wanted to try.
Say “yes” way too often and make promises I can’t keep.


Michael DeFazio said...

Just wanted you to know I'm still reading and enjoying your blog. I actually come regularly with eager anticipation of the possibility that you might have posted. And I am almost equally often disappointed. I have watched the OU and Chuck Norris videos way too many times, simply because I was so sad to find nothing new. So thanks! Your actual posts never disappoint...

Jacob Epperson said...

...Not that this post is anything less than actual.