Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Write Reasons

At some point in a perfectly normal conversation the other day, Torrie asked me when I was going to update the blog. I was a little thrown off by the question. Partly because it was completely off subject. Partly because I had forgotten how long it had been since I last jotted my thoughts down on the world-wide web. I shrugged, always a good move in husband-wife conversations, and simply said that I didn't have any good material.

Last Friday night I was sitting at a rundown music venue with my friend Nathan. He was scheduled to play a set that evening but the gal who opened for him stretched her 15 minute set into an hour and a half. She was good for 15 minutes. She was really bad for the next 75. In the meantime, we discussed life over her acoustic laments. Nathan, who is writing some really good music at the moment, asked me if I had penned anything of late. "Not really," I said, "just some stuff for work."

It was then that I began to put these pieces together. I have scratched a lot in my journal over the past few months. Yet none of that seems to make much sense. Really, it is mostly the ramblings of a 26-year old. Nothing inspirational. Thoughts that will look good in retrospect when I am in my 30's.

But the truth is, I like to think of myself as someone who wrestles with things that matter. Don't we all? Sure, I like movies and wii games and college football as much as the next guy. But does my writing, does this blog, convince you that there is more rolling around in my head than that? Mario Kart comes out this weekend? That's it?

So consider this a call to arms. A wake up call, if you will. During the next four weeks I am going to write about four things that I care about. Each week I will discuss something that matters to me. Something that makes me who I am. These will only be things that make me get out of bed in the morning. And, for accountability purposes, I will update each Wednesday night.

There Torrie. There Nathan. You win.


Jacob Epperson said...

Friday says hello.

your biggest fan said...

I tuned in on Wed. for the lastest deep thoughts...............I quess there were none?

Lauren said...

i'd like to point out, as a good wife should, that a wednesday has since come and gone, and new musings. i only mention it because you're in baltimore and i'm at home, and i like to know what's on your mind as you wrap up your last superstart event. so?

torrie said...

ok, so apparently i was logged in to my loaner computer as someone named 'lauren'. sorry for the confusion. it was really me.