Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My summer of traveling with CIY MOVE enters its final chapter this week in Corvallis, OR. We are hosting one of the last conferences of the summer schedule on the campus of Oregon State University. This trip marks my first stay here in the Pacific Northwest and for someone who grew up with humid Oklahoma summers, it is strange to experience 60 degree July afternoons.

Our journey started early Saturday morning in the Tulsa airport. Things went smoothly the first leg of the trip but a three hour delay in Denver pushed our arrival time in Portland back until late that afternoon. When we finally arrived in Portland, we rushed downtown to grab something to eat (most of us never had lunch) and then returned to the airport to pick up our production team. The view of Mount Hood from the airport is beautiful, by the way.

Saturday night was a low key evening. We got settled into the dorms here at OSU (the "O" is for Oregon... not Ohio or Oklahoma. And no, they don't refer to themselves as "THE" Oregon State University. People who do that are usually just compensating for losing championships.) After a great night of sleep, set-up started at 8am.

Set-up went as planned but still took most of the day. We gathered together the Bible College reps (22 of them) and grabbed dinner on the strip next to campus. Sunday would soon be complete and would give way to the first day of MOVE.

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Jacob Epperson said...

I wish I could go to Move. It was 111 degrees outside a couple days ago as I got off work at 6.