Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 things I know about you

Sure the internet might have been originally created for commerce or military communication, it is obvious that it now exists solely for wasting time. I am a victim of this as well. In a few moments, I will post this blog and then go to slashfilm.com for a while. Then I'll get bored with that and surf on over to half.com. After a few minutes of checking on my inventory I'll probably find my way to a blog or two. Then it is on to youtube to watch that grape smashing lady. After that I'll go to soonersports.com and finally to facebook.

While on facebook, I will probably notice that one of my "friends" has posted a new note containing 25 things that I didn't know about him or her. These are often shocking revelations. Thankfully, I have dodged the "tagging" bullet and have not yet been required by the facebook laws to write my own list. That comes as a relief to both you and me. I mean, do you really need to know that my favorite Christopher Guest movies is "Waiting for Guffman" or that I got my nipples pierced when I was a freshman in college? Too much information? You are probably right.

Yet that didn't stop me from cruising facebook and collecting 25 of my favorite things I didn't know about 25 people that I know. And though I have absolutely no permission from the authors, I have posted them below. I like to think of this blog as a celebration of thought and humor. But today, it is a celebration of you. And you are crazy-weird.

The top 25 things I didn't know about you are...

1. I am not good at thinking of 25 random things.
2. I am a people pleaser.
3. I was elected class president in 6th grade. I am still the only president in school history to be impeached.
4. I think hugging is the best.
5. I sing really loud in the shower.
6. I wet the bed until I was in 4th grade.
7. I could read when I was three. Seriously.
8. I try to be "type A" but I am not good at it. Screw you "type A's".
9. I got locked in a bathroom for an hour in 2nd grade. It was the scariest moment of my life.
10. I hate hot dogs.
11. I really like my toes.
12. I want to live in Alaska someday.
13. I dream of writing really good children's books.
14. I am the only woman I know who has not gotten pregnant or married by the time she was 30.
15. I sucked in little league.
16. I am scared of old people.
17. I call in sick to work and watch old movies all day at least once a year.
18. I miss him so much.
19. I am scared of turning into my dad.
20. I still remember the day I beat Super Mario Brothers for the first time.
21. I think politics are a waste of time.
22. I like flip-flops and own way to many of them.
23. I am tired of school.
24. I like popcorn with chocolate syrup on it.
25. I am done with this list.


lane said...

how did you not know Jake was impeached in 6th grade!?! Told everyone to wear the "rival's" colors to a pep assembly before the big game if I remember right...

Amy said...

unashamedly claiming #13