Thursday, December 03, 2009

Victoria Falls Bungee

I was hoping to get at least 15 years out of this story. Posting it on my blog for the world to see will probably knock 2-3 years out of its run. Regardless, here it is.

The bungee jumping at Victoria Falls is the highest natural jump spot in the world. It measures at 111 meters (364 feet, I think). That translates to a 4 second free fall. It's a long way down.

Two answers. Yes, I kept my eyes open the entire time. No, the worst part wasn't the fall. The worst part was hanging upside down until the guy on the rope (you'll see him at the end of the video) could repel down to get me.

If you are ever in Zambia at Victoria Falls. You have to do this. Trust me.

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