Thursday, July 29, 2010

Backstage update

I'm currently sitting backstage during the last session here in Cleveland, TN. The bass from the worship set kicks against the backstage door, which makes me feel connected to 1,100 screaming teenagers dispite the barriers between us. In just a few short hours, the auditorium will be silent. And empty.

We've had three successful weeks here at Lee University. Tomorrow, I'll get on a plane and fly to Oregon to do MOVE 2010 one last time. But before I head to a cooler climate, I felt I should pause to reflect on the previous three weeks.

Our team is solid. The program exceeded my expectations. I'm thankful to play a role in this process. Our backstage manager is currently out-singing the band. Cleveland is very humid.

All things considered, this is a good spot.

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TS Harrison said...

Eric -
My students are better today because of their week at conference. Thanks for the hard work.