Sunday, May 21, 2006

the biggest cover up in human history?

I was deeply offended at the picture show this weekend. I cringed as I watched Ron Howard's latest production, but it was not for the reason that you probably think. Sure, there is no doubt that the da Vinci Code is under attack by evangelicals. Yet, I wish to address this from a different angle. The only thing worse than a film that attempts to undermine the Christian faith is a film that attempts to undermine the Christian faith with bad acting. So in the spirit of Left Behind, the da Vinci Code was this film. Tom Hanks gave such an underwhelming performance that you could think that he was auditioning for the lead in a Keanu Reeves bio-epic. The only bright spot was AudreyTautou and that is only because she is in Amelie - a French film I like.

Even still I know that the only thing that would make Christians more upset than this film is a Brokeback Mountain-themed VBS. And with good reason they should be as the movie does bring up a lot of questions as it blatantly attacks Christ and the Church. I just hope that we as a Christian community are able to listen first and then prepare ourselves to answer tough questions. Josh McDowell has a great podcast where you can find answers that the movie brings up. Of course, its not perfect but it is a good place to start. Engage yourself in culture as the questions begin to pile up. Was Jesus married? Did the church suppress women? How could this movie have gotten so much press if it is as bad as the critics say? ... talk about a cover up.

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