Sunday, May 14, 2006

Run Eric Run

Yesterday I handed over $15 dollars to a non-profit organization and in return for my generosity they gave me a t-shirt and let me run a little over 3 miles (that's 5 kil. for the metric crowd) at 8am on a Saturday. My first ever organized race was a good experience overall. You see, going in I had two goals:

1. To not embarrass myself.
2. To not come in last place.

The guy pushing the baby in the stroller ensured the second and finishing in a respectable time fulfilled the other. Now in case you are wondering, I was never in contention to take home the top prize. The skinny guy with smooth legs and short shorts was the obvious favorite from the very beginning. Normally, you wouldn't be able to wear shorts like that, unless you were working at Hooters... so I've heard... ummm, I've never been. But no one seemed to say anything about them. Nobody made fun of him at all... maybe that was because he was already at home on his couch drinking a Capri Sun before any of us got back to the finish line.

He finished the race in under 17 minutes. What was my time you ask? Let's just say over 17 minutes.


zach said...

Congrats on your first run. Maybe you can come to the metro and run where more than five people show up. The first run is always the best, in my belief.

patchs said...

well, what else am i to do at 1:07 AM? so i peeped out your blog as i prepare this DVD. congrats on the fun run. and congrats on not wearing banana hammocks. cuz that's just nasty. you need some pictures of ole patches on this blog!

MOM said...

Don't talk bad about the short shorts. You do have the legs for them. As I remember,you used to look pretty cute in them.......but you were only two! Way to run!!!!

Epp said...

Editor's note: I was recently described as a "runner". Not someone who ran a race once but as a "runner"! How about that, you do something once and it becomes you identity. Thanks Nate! And for the record one time I played a song on a guitar. Call me a singer/songwriter if you wish.