Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Hills Are Alive

I clearly remember the late summer afternoon that I spent at my grandmother's house that changed the way I look at musicals. She had taken us to the local video store to pick out a couple of movies to entertain us so she could take a nap. My brother and I flipped through the plastic VHS cases. I'm sure our search lasted much longer than it should have. I had no problem watching Inner Space again but my brother was holding out for a movie that we weren't allowed to watch at home. Smart kid.

He took the case in his hand and walked it up to my grandmother who was waiting at the counter, ready to pay. Without looking her in the eyes, so that he would not give the secret away, he placed the case on the counter. I kept thinking to myself, "there is no way she'll let us get it... there's just no way..." Yet to my surprise, Gram didn't seem to think anything of it. "Dick Tracy huh? Alright, but I get to pick one for you too." That is when she pulled The Sound of Music from her side. Our hearts sank. We knew this would mean that we would have to endure three hours of singing nuns before we could enjoy mobsters and Madonna. It was nothing against Julie Andrews, but come on... we're talking about tommy guns here!

This event came full circle the other night when my wife convinced me to attend the Ozark Christian College production of this musical. As we drove through campus I thought of all the other things I wanted to do. I needed to do some reading, it was a perfect spring evening for the driving range, and the NBA play-offs were on, I'm sure you get the idea. It was nothing against the Ozark thespians, but come on... we're talking about the play-offs here!

I have to say however, that the crew did an excellent job. Now, I'll try to avoid turning this into a theater review, but I can honestly say I enjoyed the show. My wife knew all of the songs and sang along. I wasn't able to though. You see, my brother and I didn't make it through the first act.

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