Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Officially Underway As Countless Moms Seen Wearing Denim Capris

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – While temperatures hovered around 60 degrees across most of the Midwest Sunday, many moms in their 30’s and 40’s welcomed the change in season by donning a pair of denim capri pants. “I love capris,” said 34 year-old Jennifer Wu. “They’re the only reason I have so many pairs of ankle socks. They go great with anything.” The pants, which are sometimes called three-quarter shorts, were first introduced by European fashion designer Sonja de-Lennart in 1948. They became popular in the United States when Mary Tyler Moore starting wearing them regularly on the Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1960’s. Then for nearly thirty years, capris were absent from the fashion scene. It wasn’t until the Capri Renaissance of the late 90’s that clam diggers became part of the unofficial spring uniform for moms everywhere. “I wear them everyday,” mother of three Sara Taylor told the Musing Carnival. “I don’t shave [my legs] at all during the winter so they give me a chance to ease back into the routine." Taylor added, “Only having to go up to my calves through May is a huge timesaver.” Men are also fans of their wives’ taste in long shorts. “You should have seen the shorts my wife wore in college,” said stay at home dad Richard Miller, “I didn’t know her then but her old boyfriends constantly talk about her on facebook, so I figure [her shorts] must have been pretty skimpy. But those days are long gone.” When asked if he was attracted to the capri look, Miller replied, “Call me old fashioned, but I love it when she wears pants that make her look like she should be floating on a raft in a Mark Twain novel.” Upon further investigation, even younger men look forward to the start of Capri Season. “What can I say? I’m into women with short hair and capri pants,” said local 25 year-old pervert Chris Randall while staring at a 40 year-old mom bending over to retie her Shape-Ups. “Why else would I eat at Chick-Fila five days a week?” While capris are a hit for most, some moms admit they hate the thought of not wearing a scarf tied in an elaborate knot with every single outfit for the next five months.

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